What is eternal? What never changes? As you find yourself to be in a constant state of disequilibrium you will sometimes return to a place where the origins don't make sense and the future not present. What brings you back is the serenity and complete tranquility of Yunton Beach.


At the same time it's very much influenced by what has been and what is now, picking the raisins from delicious cakes called "Balearica", "Kraut", "Nu-Disco", "Tropical House" and "Fucking House". Yunton Beach has invented a language that feels familiar yet unheard of. Electronic music played on analog instruments digital aged and ageless. 


Being the honey bees of PLX, and despite their apparent adolescence, they've already made 'Blue Marble' a Musikguiden favorite song of 2016. Latest single ’Into The Void’ and contribution to what ever year you might be living in, proves that we haven’t seen anything yet. The group is due to record their debut this fall. Previous releases include an impressive range of songs and remixes.

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