Fee Kuerten´s multidimensional artistic approach comes to sound in her one-woman avantgarde-pop project spelled TELLAVISION. Perfectly aware of the conventions and norms of fine arts thanks to her art school background and bored by traditional structures in fine arts and music, she thoroughly neglects these and those and creates a niche on her own she labels Hardware Post Pop.

One of the common theme of her work has always been the mutual stimulation of painting and music, and was manifested in her first record`s programmatic title 'Music on Canvas'. Until now her restless, diy-ethos fuelled mode of production has next to various EPs, splits, remixes and musics for dance- and theatre pieces led to three full length albums, peaking with 'The Third Eye' in the second half of 2015 in her most definitive TAV record, yet.

Exhibiting her mixed-media visual work as artwork, the record was produced, recorded and written by herself in Boston, MA.
Its sound is marked by Kuerten placing her soulful, elegic voice in a dissonant, bluesy and splittery soundcosmos she creates with her minimal setup consisting of analogue synthesizers, effects and percussion instruments.

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