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In this universe the pitfalls of traditional genres doesn´t exist.
Instead, one is reminded of future-thinking rock groups
experimenting with new possibilities of electronic music in
the 60’s and 70’s. Mono-synths and hefty pads are
mixed together with expressive drums, where structure meets passion,
thoughtful melodies merge with epic rock soundscapes.

It’s as uncompromising as it is refreshing in a world where everything
is divided and labeled. 

Jonas Pedersen and Magnus Borgkvist Johansson have been
preparing for this moment for a decade. Being best friends,
they’ve been trying to weld their different musical
universes into one, via excursions into an array of different
genres. With SOLAR, the duo has cut the Gordian knot and created a new universe from scratch.

Debut 'Things We Found, But Left Behind' was released on Rundgång Rekords in the beginning of 2019. 


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