Half flesh, half wire, half experiment, half pop, Charlotte Simon and Toben Piel work together as Les Trucs since 2008. Originating from fine art studies, nursing- and punk/hc-education, they started as a proper live band and continued to develop performances, theatre pieces, film music and videos. Together with Benjamin Bascom they run a cassette-label for experimental electronic dancemusic called MMODEMM and set up shows and parties in Frankfurt (1,2 Piecefest, Der geheime Salon, Office du Pain). 


With their fast and energetic live-shows, the Frankfurt / Germany based human-machine-collective is building a scenery made out of noise and composition, voices and dance, always performing from the centre of the room. They released records on international Labels such as Logic Systems Music Airport (Tokyo), Fettkakao (Vienna), Zeitstrafe (Hamburg) and Staatsakt/ Berlin and played concerts all around Europe, Israel and Japan.


After having worked extensively in the fields of theatre and performance throughout the last years, Les Trucs are back in 2018, presenting their new record "Jardin du Bœuf“, a conceptual album about meat and organs leaving the body.

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'Zur Situation Von Konstruktionen'
'Der Galvaniker'